I am trying to create a login authentication using Kinvey MBaaS. But it doesnts eem to be working any help?


here is my code

var frameModule = require(“ui/frame”);
var dialogModule = require(“ui/dialogs”);
var Kinvey = require(‘kinvey-nativescript-sdk’).Kinvey;
var frameModule = require(‘ui/frame’);

var page;
var email;

exports.loaded = function(args){

page = args.object;

page.bindingContext = email;

//user login ccode
exports.login = function(){
email = page.getViewById(‘email’);
var promise = Kinvey.User.login(email.text)
.then(function(user) {
.catch(function(error) {
message: “Unfortunately we could not find your account”,
okButtonText: “OK”

exports.register = function(){
var topmost = frameModule.topmost();


A little extra information of what the application does, how the Kinvey backend is setup, what you are trying to achieve - what the expected result is, and what the actual `doesn’t seem to be working’ manifests as, will be useful in helping solve your problem.


the application only logs users in for now. i am new to nativescript and i considered using it for my final year projects. so its for study purposes for now.
the kinvey backend was set up with two users in a users collection which i created myself to authenticate against
after login the user is redirected to a homepage.
the app just freezes/crashes when i hit the login button

thank you


Freezes/Crashes can be caused for a number of reasons. Crashes are normally accompanied by exception logs or stack traces.

If the project is indeed for the purposes of your studies, consider uploading it to GitHub so we can get a better idea of the context where your supposed crash is occurring.


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