Hue Slider - puzzle game


My first published app finally hit the store :trumpet:. By complete coincidence, it was written in NativeScript :wink: !

If you are familiar with the classic slider puzzle game, then you know the objectives. Except, you have to solve the puzzle using hues (…that’s scientific gibberish for: COLOR), and has more features and options.

More info here (including store link):

PS: Even though the app runs on both Android and iOS, currently it’s available only on the Google Play Store. (…yeah, I know… insert disappointment, huh, duh, pfff, and other eyebrow raising emoji sound FX here…)


Looks damn good, Ill download it when get home and check it out :slight_smile:


That’s a nice game.
Took me 190 moves to solve the Easy 3x5 level on my first try.