Http server with angular on android?



I’m currently developping an application in angular, targetting android.
One of the requirement is to have a HTTP server accepting connections from outside.
I searched the web, but didn’t find any clue.

Can you help me with this ?

Thanks in advance !


That’s a strange requirement, and I mean no offense, but, do the people know what they are asking for? A server on the phone running constantly, unless plugged indefinitely to a power outlet, will no doubt die in a few hours, there is, of course, the matter of having to keep it awake in order to process incoming requests.

Perhaps you are looking for socket functionality?

What should the application do?


@Pete.K, the server won’t be enabled all the time, only when the user selects it.
The requirement is that a device will connect to the phone and get upgrades this way.
I know it’s a strange requirement, but it’s what I have to do.