Http Gzip support


Hello all, after bashing my head to the wall about why my basic http api call in ng ns app is not working, i have finally found a reason which is gzip is not currently supported on the android platform. Hence, i need to use either okhttp or nativescript-https. Unfortunately after many attempts i couldn’t make neither of them to work, nor i could find any example project which uses any of these addins.
Can somebody point to simple project using any of the above addins?
Thank you in advance.


There is a open feature request you may vote and follow up. Hope the work around there might help.


hello, i am aware about this feature request::slight_smile: hence i am looking for solution now, using alternative plugins. If you have seen any project using those plugins please shed some light… thx


Is it possible for you to share your / any url where you are getting issue with gzip? Also the NativeScript version you are using?

Js files are not getting updated

For testing purposes i have created a ng helloworld project
and added nativescript-https plugin ( .
Then I am trying to hit any api endpoint. However, the nativescript-https throws dozen errors about missing NSObject etc.

Whenever I do basic http api call with gzip compression i get the below error
SyntaxError: Unexpected token in JSON at position 0