How to use tap event on textbox



I have implemented barcode scanner to scan serial code in nativescript Typescript. I have used RadDataForm . Whenever user click on textbox of Serial No, one function should be called where I have implemented login of barcode scanner. How can I add button and link with tap event in RadDataForm textbox?

<df:RadDataForm id=“myDataForm” source="{{ BatteryServiceRequest }}">
<df:EntityProperty name=“DateOfSale” displayName=“Date Of Sale” index=“0” >
<df:PropertyEditor type=“DatePicker” Readonly=“true” />
<df:EntityProperty name=“Name” displayName=“Name” index=“1” />
<df:EntityProperty name=“Mobile” displayName=“Mobile” index=“2” />
<df:EntityProperty name=“Address” displayName=“Address” index=“3”/>
<df:EntityProperty name=“Address2” displayName=“Address2” index=“4”/>