How to use NativeScript with a virtual machine on Windows?


I would like to use windows for my development environment but I also want to develop IOS apps simultaneously. How would I go about setting up setting up NativeScript to work with OSX running in a virtual machine (like VMplayer or virtual box)? Can this be done?


I am not sure setting up a Hackintosh is advisable, but anyway - NativeScript can be setup to build for iOS and Android on OSX by following the setup instructions on the docs website.


Thanks for your response. I did go through the setup instructions but didn’t see anything for setting up a VM. I would rather not have to pay $40 a month for a cloud service to develop IOS applications.


There are plenty of resources on the interwebz to help you with getting up a virtual machine up and running of the desired OS. Since NativeScript is just a product to be used on any of the supported OS’s, I personally find the need for instructions on setting up a virtual machine redundant.

NativeScript (codename) Sidekick is coming out soon enough. It will build your application for iOS on the cloud. Feel free to sign up for the beta -

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