How to use Gradle/Podfile/.jar/.so/.framework in my project without making it a plugin(Why not , please hear me out)?


i have never had any experience in mobile development at all , {N} is an exiting project for me , after experimenting it for a while , i decided to make something with it , so i found many wonderful plugins contributed by @bradwaynemartin @Eddy @NathanaelA @triniwiz @wwwalkerrun .

inspired by their wonderful works , i was trying to contribute some plugins i believe would be useful in certain scenarios to certain group of people, but i soon realized it is very overwhelming (especially for UI involved plugins ) for absolute beginners like me , even with the help of nativescript-plugin-seed .

i have to start with understanding {N} runtimes , iOS native APIs, Android APIs , 3d-party SDK workflow and APIs , Typescript , NPM configurations , it is just too much for starters like me, so i would like to play around and get familiar with 3d-party SDKs and {N} by without making it a plugin for now , make sure i grasp the basics of both , then i could be sure if my knowledge level is plugin-ready , thus i wanna know the answers of following questions :

1. where should i put .jar files in my project ?
is it in here : app/App_Resources/Android/libs/

2. where should i put .so files in my project ?
is it in here : app/App_Resources/Android/JniLibs/

3. where should i put gradle dependencies in my project ?
is it in here : app/App_Resources/Android/app.gradle ?

4. where should i put Podfile in my project ?
is it in here : app/App_Resources/iOS

5. can i use .framework without the help of Xcode ? like without creating new project by Xcode ? where should i put it in my project?

i have googled for it , but really got no helpful/authoritative answers !

thank you !

  1. Maybe, at one time you could put it into platforms/android and do a build and it would work but this was like NS 1x and it wasn’t a great approach so it might not be an option with newer CLI versions.
  2. Yes.
  3. I think so, would have to check to confirm.

No clue on the other two.


THANK YOU , @bradwaynemartin


What if you just made a local plugin and referenced it like

tns plugin add ../plugins/myjunk

Then you could follow all the same syntax for including libs from the hundreds of available plugin samples, likely be more robust as well?