How to update users information


hi there am building a social app with angular and i want users to be able to update their information like user name age etc
am looking for a way to do that



What have you tried so far? Any code samples that aren’t giving you the right result?


i haven’t found any related code to that issue been looking for long time
now and still got nothng


You can use service like Firebase create your database and update the info based on your application logic. There is a great plugin enabling Firebase for NativeScript called nativescript-plugin-firebase which give you access to all t he features that Firebase provides including database, storage, authentication, and others.

Very basic concept of using the real-time database can be found in this project (important - the project is written with NativeScript 2.5.x so if you need to enable with NativeScript 23.x.x you will need to make the respective changes)


what other database will you recommend apart from Firebase?