How to test on remote multiple device?


I tried to search the forum for this request but I did not find anything.

I would like to try the application before release to more people (both IOS and Android) who are physically far from me.

Is there something like the “Preview” app for testing before publishing the various stores?

Alternatively, I think that for Android I can create the APK to install, while for IOS I should create the signed IPA (with the device uuid) and send it?

Thank you


There are many free / paid third party services do this job.

Even Apple and Google Play itself has closed and open beta testing options. With closed testing you can allow only certain people to install the app by their email id.


Hi manojdcoder, thank you for reply.

Can you help me to find some free / paid third party services do this job? Or how can I search for these service on search engine?

I know beta testing options for ios/android and will use this if there are no alternatives

Thank you


Google always helps you. If you want me to name a service, try