How to test NS-Vue on iOS device



Hi, there is a guide on how to test a ns-vue app on iOS. I have searched online and the only guide is how to create a iOS app using Sidekick with pure NS projects.

I have a apple developer account and have created the respective certificate and provision profile.


Checkout the comment from Tiago Alves.


Thanks I will check the links proposed there.


Hi I checked the links but are for build production to upload to the Google Play Store.

I am a step below. I just want to test on my personal iPhone to continue development.


Run npm run build:ios, navigate to dist folder and follow the tns commands to run.


Hi, I did follow the steps, and set the team UID. But I don’t know how to link the mobile provision and certificate that are files into the build.xconfig that is like a text file.


Once you install the certificates and provisional profiles on your machine, update your build.xcconfig as below.

CODE_SIGN_IDENTITY = iPhone Distribution;