How to release an iOS app using webpack


Guys, I’m trying to release my iPhone app using webpack with this command:

npm run build-ios-bundle -- --release my_password 80449b3b-312a-1290-78f6-64hh43kgh4439c8 "iPhone Distribution"

based on this documentation

but I’m getting this result


Running tns build...
# build ios

│ Usage   │ Synopsis                                                           │
│ General │ $ tns build ios [--for-device] [--release] [--copy-to <File Path>] │

Builds the project for iOS and produces an APP or IPA that you can manually deploy in the iOS Simulator or on device, respectively.

IMPORTANT: Before building for iOS device, verify that you have configured a valid pair of certificate and provisioning profile on your OS X system. 

### Options

    * --release - If set, produces a release build. Otherwise, produces a debug build.
    * --for-device - If set, produces an application package that you can deploy on device. Otherwise, produces a build that you can run only in the native iOS Simulator.
    * --copy-to - Specifies the file path where the built .ipa will be copied. If it points to a non-existent directory, it will be created. If the specified value is directory, the original file name will be used.

I can run the app as debug mode on my device with npm run start-iso-bundle but I can’t release it. The certificate and provisioning profile are right because I already published this app but without webpack.

Any suggestions?


Guys, here it is the solution for this issue:

  1. Generate .IPA file with this command:
    npm run build-ios-bundle -- --release --for-device --copy-to /yourpath/toyourapp/folder/yourappname_1-0-2.ipa --teamId 123YUT876Y --provision 80449b3b-312a-1290-78f6-64hh43kgh4439c8

  2. Submit your app to iTunes Connect through Application Loader

Obs.: if this is an update version from an existing app, you have to create a “Version Entry” previously on iTunes Connect to prepare it.

Special thanks to @dicksmith for his help to solve this :wink: