How to reduce the splashscreen loading time


Need to make splash screen displaying time shorter


Have you updated to NS 2.5? Also is this specific to android and/or iOS. Android you can improve startup times with the snapshots which I think are enabled by default with 2.5, so you should see increase start times with that.

There is some info about the snapshots the team was working on late last year here and more info on startup times for android. I know they’ve worked a ton on improving that and it’s gotten better each release which is a positive :slight_smile:


The splashscreen is just a replacement for an otherwise blank white screen, and that can only be reduced if the application starts up faster. You can change the image, or remove it altogether, but you don’t just set a magic constant.

Building in release for Android will package the application with snapshot covering the core functionality, meaning your app will load considerably faster.


Thanks for your help, Brad.


Thanks a lot, Pete, for taking time.


I built my angular app with release, uglify snapshots etc. but still the start up time is around 5secs which is a lot compared to react native, flutter and ionic. The app is only a single page.Is the angular way of doing nativescript slower??? Will the upcoming Ivy renderer of Angular 6 boost the start up time or is anything new coming to NS to do away with this problem??? Pls I like angular vvv much…