How to puppetize frontend javascript configuration


We have a java script application and use puppet to automate deployments of that and our back end programming. I was wondering about practices for taking care of various organization environments on javascript. Commonly we have a bunch of things that should be configured differently like access keys for things like facebook, backend urls of our own REST APIs, regardless of whether HTTPS is used, and so on.

In a back-end framework, you would put such arrangement in a properties record and use puppet to configure this at organization time. For the front-end the issue is that we have an assemble server that incorporates our coffee-script and other web resources and afterward bundles things up as a RPM which is the thing that we at that point send as a feature of our manikin run. The issue is that any arrangement should be included before the construct advance since you can’t really get to the document framework and making a different demand just to bring setup is additionally not extremely alluring.