How To Pick The Right Outsourcing Software Development Company?



I’m just curious. Suppose we have upwork with rates and transparent quality assessment.
But If I want to hire a team is there’re alternatives to upwork?


I’m not 100% clear what you’re looking for in an answer :smile: but there are a few companies I’m aware of that focus on NS development if you’re looking to hire teams or individuals. I am a partner at nStudio, LLC. along with @wwwalkerrun and @NathanaelA where we have done numerous NS projects for several companies. If you’re looking for freelance NS developers another excellent option is to post about it here on the forum as a job opportunity or on the NS slack channel. There have been many successful agreements with people looking for work that have all met on Slack. If you have any more questions let me know. Hope this helps some @Paulo-Theo


Hi Paulo.
Check the article on the subject
Hope I won’t be banned:smiley:
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