How to permanently put the tabview at the bottom in Android and style the tab items in NS-Vue


Working with Tab Items in NS-Vue


There should be nothing special you do for Vue.js. Did you try setting androidTabsPosition to bottom?


yeah I did… doesn’t work


It works like charm, not sure what you may be missing but here is the playground sample.


still doesn’t work, here is mine on Play ground… anything I did wrong?


Always post a working example, either declare the custom component inside tabs / replace them with some static UI components.


Hi, I can replicate your code on the Playground site but If I copy your working code and paste on a Vue template file (*.vue) it won’t work.

If there any way to test .vue files on the Playground ???


Hey @el_alienx the problem is probably the ns-core-module version , i was have the same issue. When i update the core-module the problem was solved. make sure you have the tns-core-module 4.0 or higher. I’m also using the nativescript-vue


Hi Alexrili your suggestion is totally correct.

I updated the tns-core-modules from the package.json on the root and the template/package.json.

I can confirm that it works on the Android emulator running Nougat!


Thank you alot for theses detailed information!


Really Appreciate for the details mentioned. But in my case even after upgrading tns-core-modules to 4.2.0 its unable to put tabs at bottom in Android (V 6.0) on real device (on emulator i have not tried).


Were you able to reproduce the issue with Playground?


good point… Actually when i ran through Playground it is working fine. its from the local dev setup where its unable to run (as expected “bottom tab” thing). even though it has the same dependencies and app scaffold like in playground.