How to navigate to frame from tabview


What is the correct way to open a login page from inside a tabview? (e.g when a user wants to logout).

I have app-login.xml with a frame to the login page but when I click on the logout button inside the tabview, nothing happens (no errors or messages in the logs either).

function MoreViewModel() {
	var viewModel = observableModule.fromObject({

        onTapLogout: function (args) {
                    var application = require("application");
          { moduleName: "app-login" });

	return viewModel;


If you want to open login page inside TabView, open the page just with the frame inside TabView.

I assume you must be having something like this in your app-login.xml

<Frame defaultPage="path/to/login" />




Thanks @manojdcoder, I want to open the login page outside of the tabview (not inside the tabview) e.g when the user wants to logout, and go back to the login page (driven via app-login.xml). I’ve been trying to do that with{ moduleName: "app-login" }); which doesn’t do anything after the second time this is called in the app, and there’s no errors or messages on the logs.

Perhaps I’m going about this the wrong way, so what is the recommended way to logout out of the main app that has a tabview (each tabitem has a frame) and return to the full login page?