How to know when aot compilation is occurring


Using directions from here I’ve added aot compilation to a nativescript project.

On ios I get different behavior when my app starts depending on if I do
tns run ios with a connected devices vs
tns build ios --for-device and then copy the ipa file over to a device and run it -> in this case it’s almost like that app tries to open twice nested inside itself

I have a hunch that the bug I’m seeing when doing tns build ios is related to aot compilation, but am not sure and am looking for a way to temporarily disable aot. I really don’t understand how to know when the app is using main.aot.ts vs when it’s using main.ts. My package.json has "main": "main.js".

  1. Is there something like a flag to turn aot on and off for a build?
  2. Does doing tns run ios bypass aot?