How to integrate native iOS code to native script


New to Native Script development and looking for a good tutorial or examples on how to integrate native iOS code to Native Script. We are building location based app and need to write code in iOS to get an update based on location change as currently we are polling for location change, that drains the battery.

Already checked these 2 plugins but they don’t fully solve the issue:

  1. nativescript-background-geolocation-lt
  2. nativescript-background-fetch

Any help will be appreciated.



Any help here will be really appreciated. Any pointers/blogs/examples are the ones we are looking for


Specifically what’s the question though? Like are you trying to implement this yourself based on a stackoverflow article or something?

I love adding this to my projects, gives me like the entire iOS lib as Typescript definitions

The other way to learn the syntax is to just look at existing plugins that call into native iOS… I mean I say “call in” but really you’re just writing the Obj code directly in JS syntax.