How to ignore user interaction of an overlapping view


I have two views overlapping each other, and I want the one on top to ignore all interactions, to be able to touch the view on the bottom through the first one.
I’ve tried with isUserInteractionEnabled, but it does not seem to have the effect I need.


What kind of view? and what kind of interactions?

If it’s just taps then just set the onTap for the top view to something that is ignored in code.


I’ve tried to reduce my example. On the top I have a ListView (empty) overlapping 40% of the screen, and on the bottom I have a Button.

Before I’ve made a test changing the ListView with an Image, and using isUserInteractionEnabled=false on the Image, works as expected.
Changing the image to a ListView, makes the test fail.
Also, an interesting effect, is that using isUserInteractionEnabled=false on the ListView, I can’t touch elements that aren’t overlapped by the list :open_mouth: