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Thank you for using the NativeScript forum! You are probably here with a technical question, and we want to help you in the most efficient way possible. So we’d like you to please follow the following guidelines on creating topics.

Forum etiquette

  • Categorize your topic properly (is it an Angular question? Or more Plugins?)
  • One question per topic, please.
  • Is your solution solved? Please mark it as solved using the checkbox at the bottom of the answer that solved your problem.

Still need to post a question?

Is it really a problem?

Did you verify this is a real problem by searching Stack Overflow and our Github repo other open issues in this repo?

Which platform(s) does your issue occur on?


Please provide the following version numbers that your issue occurs with:

  • CLI: (run tns --version to fetch it)
  • Cross-platform modules: (check the ‘version’ attribute in the
    node_modules/tns-core-modules/package.json file in your project)
  • Runtime(s): (look for the "tns-android" and "tns-ios" properties in the
    package.json file of your project)
  • Plugin(s): (look for the version number in the package.json file of your

Please describe your issue in as much detail as possible.

Is there code involved? If so, please share the minimal amount of code needed to recreate the problem.


Android-snapshot build not working on device after installation
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Best instructions ever. 10 out of 10. Would read again.