How to fix label


how to fix label ,that means when scroll up the label not want to scroll, it want to be fixed and other lines want to be scrolls …is any option for that…refer any links ?


Use a dock layout.
(it can be made using other layouts as well. But dock is the easiest to implement this behavior)

Assuming you always want the label to stay on top.


i am not seen any change after using docklayout…
i need one label want to be fixed not possible to scroll…but the labels after the first label need to scroll…
is any option ?
and also how to disable label field when we tap on it ?


Just do something like this:

<GridLayout rows=auto,*>
    <Label row="0" text="I do not want to scroll" />

    <ScrollView row="1">
            <Label text="I will be scrolled if the there is enough content in the page" />


i already try this method but not working…not scrolls


The ScrollView only scrolls, if its content is huge enough. So if there are only few items in it, that fit on the screen, then the ScrollView does not scroll of course.


so i ask for another possibilites for making label as fixed