How to detect event tap on specific image



var gestures = require(“ui/gestures”);

for (var i = 0; i < images.length; i++) {
imgArray[i] = new imageModule.Image();
imgArray[i].id = “img”;
imgArray[i].width = w / 6;
imgArray[i].height = h / 7;
imgArray[i].src = images[i];
imgArray[i].stretch = “fill”;
imgArray[i].on(gestures.GestureTypes.tap, function (args) {

this my loop adding array of images to WrapLayout on nativescript is work well my problem is I’m trying to implement tap gesture for each image is work but doesn’t specific index of Image any idea how solve it


Set imgArray[i].id = i; // instead of setting same id to every image
Try console logging to get the index


thanks man you save me thanks so much


i add imgArray[i].name = i ; and i log and is worl without touch the id


its work without getview by id