How to Debug iOS ObjectiveC?


I am trying to call the Stripe iOS SDK to make credit card payments. Many of the calls I make are working as expected, but when I try to call the ones that bring up user interface elements, I get an error and the app exits. (I’m not sure it’s only UI calls, but those are the ones I’m having trouble with right now.)

The only information I get in the console is:
Backend socket closed!
Backend socket closed
Frontend socket closed

When I try to debug (I’m using VSCode), I’m unable to step inside these calls, so I don’t know how to figure out what I’m doing wrong. Is there any way to debug inside iOS native calls?

(I’ll post a similar question on the Stripe forum.)


I don’t think you can debug Objective C at least from VS Code. You will have to use Xcode to debug those written in SDK level.