How to customize routerExtensions's transitions to act the same as the default one?


When create a customize transition, the page itself does not animate together with the page’s content.

  this.routerExtensions.navigate(["/dashboard"], {
                         clearHistory: true,
                         animated: true,
                         transition: {
                             name: "slideLeft",
                             duration: 300,
                             curve: "easeIn"

What am I missing in my transition configuration, that prevents me from reaching the desired result?
Thank you.


Just a wild guess, but maybe clearing the navigation history may be causing the login page to drop out of memory prior to the transition.


Correct, this is very likely due to clearHistory removing the ‘from’ page before the transition finishes. There’s a PR linked from this issue to fix it:


Thank you guys for your fast and great help! That was the problem!