How to create settings bundle/ preference screen in {N}




I’m at the point where I would like to customize my app’s Settings page so that I feel as native as possible. I would like the Settings page to have the colours of the app, the design (in some places) but the feeling to be native.

This is the simplest thing that can contain a Settings page:

Do you know a plugin that can offer me the opportunity to make a Settings make like this one ? Or the only way to do it is to make it from scratch ?

Thanks :slight_smile:



Thanks @manojdcoder

But I’m talking about how to create something like nativescript-preferences inside of your app.

Do you know a way ?



Sorry, what you mean by “inside your app”? Anything inside app is still all you own, you can design however you want. So what is the challenge here?


@manojdcoder I know I can design whatever I want inside app.
My challenge is to find a library or plugin that has the style of each native settings page (ios & android).
I’d like my settings page inside my app to looks exactly like the native one.


The link you posted is to access device platform settings which are outside of the app. I believe what @alexandru.antonica is asking for is the {N} equivalent to Ionic’s list functionality:


@lilbiscuit Indeed.
I found also something similar in Templates : here.