How to convert tree uri to real path in nativescript?


I need to convert tree uri to real path in nativescript. How to do this?
I need to convert content:// to real path
I am using the intent ACTION_OPEN_DOCUMENT_TREE to get this , but do not know how to get the real path of the folder I have selected?
I have tried most of the ways available in stackoverflow, but could not get this. Basically I need to select a folder and iterate inside the folder for getting the files.
Can anyone please help me for this.


It’s Android specific and we don’t have solution out of box with NativeScript but you can still use a bit native code to get there. Here is a quick example from StackOverflow,


Sir, Thanks for your reply, I have already seen this link. But it is entirely written in java, I am new to nativescript and do not know how to convert this code to nativescript specific code.
Is it possible to convert all these codes to nativescript specific code?


I will try to find some time but it must be easy if you refer this doc.


Thanks for your quick response. I will check and try with the link you referred.