How to control ListView "load on demand" buffer size?



I’m looking for a way to obtain something similar to the RadListView’s loadOnDemandBufferSize parameter.


You don’t have or need to control that, it’s just a measurement that how many times still user has to scroll down to trigger load on demand event.

If you have a specific scenario, kindly explain so we might able to recommend some better options.


Hi @manojdcoder,

my scenario is a list with infinite scroll, where items are loaded on demand from server.
At the moment to trigger the loading next block of items from server you have to:

  • scroll up to the end of the (actual loaded) list,
  • then stop to wait for a download + rendering time and
  • finally you can continue scrolling

This stop&go while scrolling is bad.
With such parameter you can anticipate building next block of items, n items before reach the end of the list, making a much better and seamless UX.

Note rendering time gets things worst if items are complex (as in my case).


I too have used load on demand, I didn’t find scroll bad in my case, it was smooth only.

You can’t actually control buffer size, you may raise a future request in the feedback repo.