How to change Action bar for each tab?


I would like a specific action bar for each tab like twitter, if I select a tabview item so the action bar change.


Hi, I would also like to know how to do it.

In the pure Nativescript page there is a example of of a Tabview navigation that uses Frames as a intermediary between the tabs and the actual pages. But it does not work on NS-Vue. Here is the link:


Support for Frame is not yet fully functional in the latest stable release of nativescript-vue, It should be available in the next stable release which I expect in couple of weeks. If you really want to use those features and move on with your project, use the @next version for now.


Thank you very much for the @next suggestion. A will try to clone the project to test the unreleased version.


Hi @manojdcoder I tried your suggestion of using the @next version (RC 1.3.2.v.4) it works great on iOS but can’t run the project on Android because it throws the error “a frame must be used to navigate to a page”. Even when said frame is present.


I am working with Android


Wich version do I have use for working with Android ?