How to auto crop picture using nativescript-camera-plus plugin


though square crop is working by setting [autoSquareCrop] option while taking pic

pls suggest how can we perform circlecropping of image while taking picture


You may use nativescript-imagecropper plugin for cropping.


i tried with that but that helps in cropping/resizing after u capture an image …i want to crop while taking picture


Capture…the requirement is something like this.


That’s not supported by camera plus plugin, but you might try combing the features from image cropper if you are familiar with native code.


ok thanks for the suggestion.

i am trying to achieve the same using imagecropper but presently i m unable to figure out how to crop circle image using imagecropper plugin as well

Currrently , it has locksquare option but how can i set it to circle

any suggestion