How should I make the proper Android HLS player?


I couldn’t get the Android hls player working on certain devices.
It freezes some times.


can you give some more detail, as per the guidance on how to best use the forums in the pinned post? thanks!


Thanks for your reply.

I have the problem while using the bradmartin/nativescript-videoplayer, especially on Android 4.1.
It freezes after 10 or some seconds later.

I need your help on this.


NativeScript minimum supported android version is 4.2, are you sure you’re on 4.1? An app might run but < 4.2 is not supported.

Also, I just pushed several changes to the plugin and never had any freezing issues. Could you show some code on what you’re doing? Is the video file remote or local?


I used hls live stream.


Do you think kazemihabib/nativescript-vlc-player would help for the current issue?


it’s possible the native vlc-player lib supports this better. I’m not sure, never looked into it.


Thanks, let me try with that.
But have you used your plugin to play hls?


Sorry I missed your last post @louis - I have not used it for HLS.


Thanks for your reply.

Actually, I ended up using webview for playing hls, as of now.