How good are Nativescripts Plugins


I am evaluating various Mobile app development platforms. I am keen to use hybrid platform but want to have native like performance. And hence inclination towards NativeScript.

While I am looking for rapid application development capabilities, I do not want to spend effort in re-writing common functionalities. And hence availability of plugins is crucial for me. Something like ngCordova.

So my question is the plugins that are available for NativeScript, how good they are?

A. From quality perspective? are they mature and stable?
B. In terms of diversity, are they rich and cover wide feature base?
C. In terms of completeness, are they mature; lets say if we take an example as Push Notifications or dynamic links do they cover all the native features provided by say native android/ios?

I started exploring NativeScript few weeks back and still analyzing, I do not see as much traction as in the say ionic or React

hence before jumping, want to assess how the user community feels on above.