How does Event Propagation work in Nativescript?


In the DOM Events are supposed to bubble, propagating up through the DOM.
I’m not sure how event propagation is supposed to work in Nativescript, but for sure things are different.

If I listen for a tap event inside a Label (using (tap)="doSomething()") the Event does not reach the ListView and thus the itemTap event does not fire:

I made a directive which listen to tap events using @HostListener. Attaching it to a Label works, while attaching the very same directive to a custom component doesn’t (&v=5 of the previous link).
That could make sense IF events don’t propagate up to the custom component, but if I put my custom component inside a StackLayout and I apply my directive to it then it works (&v=6 of the previous link), letting me think that events DO propagate somehow.

Can someone please shred some light about it? Thanks