How do you remove the drop shadow from the Android action bar?


Following the NS 2.5 I’m update, I can’t seem to find a method (hack) to remove the drop shadow from the action bar. Is there any way to do this now?

None of the solutions mentioned at the bottom of this issue thread seem to be working for me.

I’ve attempted to change the border color to another hex value, as well as changing other parameters of the border and action bar using CSS but nothing has worked out.



Bump. Really hoping to get an answer to this.


Bumping this in the hopes somebody has figured out how to remove the ActionBar drop shadow!


Bump? Anyone know if this is possible in NS3?


I know this is for iOS

but can it point you in any right direction?


I discovered that you can use css to get rid of drop shadow on actionbar. See here:
border-color: transparent;
border-width: 1;

This does work on Android, never tested on ios.