How do I style text in Gauges




I am new to nativescript and the use of gauges. I am wondering how I can change the text in my gauges?Example
In the picture is the standard style of the text in gauges. I am wondering how I can change the font-size and color of the text.

Already much thanks for your help,

Roel Voordendag


Try TitleStyle


	<RadRadialGauge title="7H">
		<TitleStyle tkRadialGaugeTitleStyle textColor="red" textSize="20"></TitleStyle>
		<RadialScale tkRadialGaugeScales startAngle="0" sweepAngle="360" minimum="0" maximum="100" radius="0.9">
			<ScaleStyle tkRadialScaleStyle ticksVisible="false" labelsVisible="false" lineThickness="0"></ScaleStyle>
			<RadialBarIndicator tkRadialScaleIndicators minimum="0" maximum="100" location="0.5">
				<BarIndicatorStyle tkRadialBarIndicatorStyle fillColor="rgba(224,151,36,0.5)" barWidth="0.2"></BarIndicatorStyle>
			<RadialBarIndicator tkRadialScaleIndicators minimum="0" maximum="0" location="0.5" isAnimated="true">
				<BarIndicatorStyle tkRadialBarIndicatorStyle cap="Round" fillColor="rgba(224,151,36,1)" barWidth="0.2"></BarIndicatorStyle>