How do I save my project in the playground?


Sorry for the noob question, but how do I save my project on playground? I thought I get some sort of custom URL that later I can refer back to, or something that nature, but if I close my browser tab, how will I get back to my project later?



You will have to use the share button, next to QA code. The url you will get will be public, anyone can access it with url. As on you make changes, you will keep hitting share button that increase the version number and save changes under specific version.


I don’t see any “Share” button - or any save-related button for that matter. I enclose two screenshots of both with and without the QR code screen. Using Safari 11.0.2. As you can see, there’s no indicator of any kind neither for sharing nor saving.



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one thing to remember so you don’t do my mistake.

The share link doesn’t keep track of your future changes. for example, if you create a share link then modified the code, the share link will take you to the old code not the modified one.

so after you done editing, remember to create new share links


Thanks! Will keep in mind!