How do I disable a button in my v-template


The button in the v-template disturbs the ontapItem of the list, so tapping on the items in the list view doesn’t work. How can I disable the button? setting isEnable=“false” doesn’t work.


That suppose to be isEnabled not isEnable.


It doesn’t work, still can’t tap on the items


Can you create an example to showcase your issue with Playground?



By default this case is handled in RadListView. With ordinary list view, you must follow the workaround given here.


Okay, following this snippet I tried referencing my button and then added @loaded and called it in my method this way:


…and it’s not working


If you checkout the example properly, it was not using a reference. Please take a closer look to the given example, use the event object to get the button instance and disable focus.


got it @manojdcoder… Do you have any guide on using google-maps for NS-Vue?


The steps are same for not only google maps but for any UI plugin, install the plugin, register the element and start using it in your template.


ok… would try that out