How do I categorize my screen sizes?


I have listed 2 of a screensize I want to adapt to:

my Lenovo A536: 480 x 854 pixels (~196 ppi pixel density)
and Samsung Galaxy S5: 1080 x 1920 pixels (~432 ppi pixel density)

and in this page listed: 320dp, 480dp, 600dp, 720dp as “breakpoints” to trigger which xml, css to load… but I don’t know how to categorize the screensizes that I listed above…

Please help… Thanks… :slight_smile:


Hi @mansonmamaril-- did you find some solution to that problem/challenge ?? can you please share some of your solution?? by the way, thanks to your post because you give me some idea how to deal with this challenge regarding to responsive design for specific mobile phone version.