How do I/can I use accessibilityPerformEscape() on iOS?



I’ve been trying without any luck to use accessibilityPerformEscape() with NativeScript on iOS.
It is the accessibility gesture where you draw a Z with two fingers to dismiss a modal, our users are requesting it to improve usability for the visually impaired.

As I understand it, we need to override the accessibilityPerformEscape() on a UIViewController, but how do I do that for NativeScript Views?

@NathanaelA, I know you’ve done some work with extending Native API from {N}, and you were a great help with getting the platform settings for accessibility font size, do you have a suggestion?


Sorry, not sure; if it is part of the UIViewController; then the only way right now is to manually modify the core modules (which is not recommended).

I do have a project in the works called “TNS Core Patcher” that would allow you to have “patch” files that patch the core modules so that you don’t have to manually modify the core modules; but this project is incomplete and hasn’t been released yet.

Nathanael A.


I’ve started working on getting it upstream to NativeScript: