How debug project in IOS?



My project was created in Windows, and tested on Android.

I want to test my application in iOS.
I read this page:
My project in folder tophr.

I did next steps:

  1. Copy project folder from Windows PC to MAC PC.
    in MAC PC:
  2. cd tophr
  3. tns prepare ios
  4. Run Xcode
  5. File->Open… Choose file tophr/platforms/ios/tophr.xcodeproj

Then what to do?


That’s the docs to debug the run time itself, more advanced one. If you want to debug your app, just run it on Mac with iOS platform just like you did in Android. Utilize debug tools like Chrome Dev Tools if required.


I tried run, Have error.
clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)


Full Build report here Build_report


tns debug ios --chrome


On simulator works.
How can run on real device ?
I have apple developher account.


Use the developer certificates and --device option.


Is it running yet ?


I have an account dev provision profile


and dev certificate


This phone was added in devices list


Revoke all certificates from account and deleted all certificates from local keychain.
After run ios.