How create other js file and put my code on it and import it to main-page.js


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this is the structure of my app folder I want to create other js file and write code to it after import it to my main page any idea how to do that’s and thanks in advance


you can put the new js file anywhere in the app folder (usually u put it inside a folder named shared), then just make sure you add any var or function you want to the exports. e.g.

const backendAPI = {
    Login: function(username) {
        console.log(username + "is logged in");
    Logout: function() {
        console.log("logging out");
exports.backendAPI = backendAPI;

now you can import it in any other js file with

const myAPI = require("~/shared/shared.js").backendAPI;

and can use function for example



thanks, man I well try it