How can i get the location name when we visit the place


I run one app for geolocation in that I got location latitude and longitude points. when we change the location we can update location it automatically changes, but I want the location name

I got the location longitude and latitude coordinate points but I want the location name,

how can I get the location name when visiting the place, using latitude and longitude points


I think you’ll need to Google/Bing/whatever for “reverse geocoding”. Like this API:


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Hey @hariaravind10,

        let url = "" + loc.latitude + "," + loc.longitude + "&sensor=true";

            .map(results => results.json())
            .subscribe(results => {
                    console.log("address " + results.results[0].formatted_address);
            }, error => {
                console.log("ERROR: ", error);

Hope it helps!