Horizontal Calender


Anyone had any experience of implementing a horizonal calender … I want to have a horizonatlly scrolling calender at the top of my page that the user can swipe left and right to see events on the ‘timeline’

Any help/pointers/existing controls gratefully received :slight_smile:


Do you mean something like those horizontally scrolling numbers in this video?

Probably not exactly, so please share some image / video of what you’re after.


That scrolling effect is exactly what I want but what I’m after is dates and even hours across the top and the be able to show events

It’s late now here will follow up tomorrow am with an example screen shot



That horizontally scrolling bar can be achieved like this, perhaps you can build upon that to get what you need (the trick is orientation="horizontal", twice):

<ScrollView orientation="horizontal">
  <StackLayout orientation="horizontal">
    <Button (tap)="someFunction(item)" [text]="item.number" class="item-nav" [class.disabled]="!item.available" *ngFor="let item of questions"></Button>


Cheers i’ll give that a go