Hide scrollview indicator


Is there any way to hide the scrollview indicator?

Hide Scroll View's scrollbars in both Ios & Android

Sure it is:

Android (code)


iOS (code)

someview.ios.showsVerticalScrollIndicator = false;

iOS (xml)



Thank you but I can’t find that in api references :


That’s because these are native platform APIs. NativeScript UI elements normally expose android/ios properties that allow you to access the underlying native View. Once you have it, you can manipulate it as you will using the Android/iOS api references.


But wait, there’s more! Check out the SwissArmyKnife plugin which has built-in helpers for this https://github.com/TheOriginalJosh/nativescript-swiss-army-knife


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Cannot read property ‘setHorizontalScrollBarEnabled’ of null


Can you expand on your answer? This didn’t work for me.

const view = require("ui/core/view");
exports.onNavigatingTo = function(args) {
  var page = args.object;
  var silverNewCont = view.getViewById(page, "silverNew");


<ScrollView orientation="horizontal" id="silverNew">

The error is cannot read property ‘setHorizontalScrollBarEnabled’ of undefined.


May be silverNewCont’s native view was not yet created by that time, try using the loaded event of ScrollView which guarantees the presence of native view.


Man why do you give such vague answers? :pensive:

Is this what you’re talking about? I don’t get this, it doesn’t take any inputs, it doesn’t return any value, how does it work?

I tried

}, 3000);

and got undefined.


I meant listening to the loaded event, not calling the onLoaded method itself.