Hide back arrow on ios


how can i hide or disable navigation back arrow on ios? i want to creater my custom back button


I want this too :slight_smile: But without clearing history. This is my global function used to navigate, but when i turn clearHistory=true, back button will be hidden, but then i think im loosing option to use goBack() function.

global.goToPage = function(page,effect,clear=false) {
    var frameModule = require('ui/frame');
    var destination = page;
    var topmost = frameModule.topmost();

    var navigationEntry = {
        moduleName: destination,
        clearHistory: clear,
        backstackVisible: true,
        transition: {


yes i’m talking about to do it without clearing history


You can try:
<NavigationButton visibility="hidden" ></NavigationButton>


<Page xmlns="http://www.nativescript.org/tns.xsd" navigatedTo="navigatedTo">
       <ActionBar title="Bla Bla" icon="">
           <NavigationButton text="Back" />
        <Label text="Second page" textWrap="true" />
import { Page } from "ui/page"
import { EventData } from "data/observable";
import { topmost } from "ui/frame";
import { isIOS } from "platform";

export function navigatedTo(args){
        let page:Page = <Page>args.object;
            let navigationBar = page.actionBar.ios;
            navigationBar.topItem.hidesBackButton = true;