Help with Using Ustream SDK


I need to use the Ustream SDK in an IOS app. But the docs, on how to import this using Xcode got me really confused (as I rarely open Xcode). I’d appreciate any pointers on how to go about getting this SDK into my NativeScript project and creating the plugin for it. @bradwaynemartin, sorry I had to mention you. I didn’t get any help with this, after a week of asking. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi @holymp2006 - wish I knew more iOS myself :smile:I focus on Android. The only iOS native libs I’ve worked on were able to pull in with cocoapods thankfully :laughing:so I didn’t have to open xcode to do anything.


late reply, I know. :slight_smile: …we finally had to give the project to a native IOS guy (after I couldn’t make any progress after a week) :sweat:. thanks for the assistance as always, Brad. :wink: