Heatmap using Angular nativescript


How to implement heatmap in angular nativescript… i go through many reference,nut not get any exact anwer… instead i try to design tables and giving color to cells… but its not looking gud…any reference?


Hey @NJKannur, Did you try any hacky way with NativeScript’s Chart in rich-components?



I don’t think there is any heat map plugin out of the box (I’m assuming you mean like this HeatMap). You will need to create it yourself


But how to create this…have no idea about that…but in my project I need
the heatmap…have any option?any other libraries support heatmap


This chart library is not support heat map,


You can start by searching github for any native implementation for heatmap in android and iOS, then you can build a plugin that wrap it


Thank you again, ,i implemented heatmap just by using ngfor ,just to create
table .now its okey


How’s the performance doing that rendering 370 cell?