Having trouble sending your app for review on iTunesConnect? Here are some tips


The worst thing about iOS development, I think, is sending your app to the app store. Other than dealing with provisioning profiles and screenshots, it’s quite tricky sometimes to simply archive and build your app so that it can be released. Here are some tips that I have to do to send my app live:

Manage the icons

It’s never enough, in my experience, to send your app to the stores with the default icons. I always have to create several extra icons, specifically ones with size 76, 83.5, 120, 152, and 167. Here’s a screenshot of all my icons:

Manage splash screens

Make sure you create the right kind of splash screens as well. On iPad, create a blank ‘background’ color screen in the LaunchScreen.AspectFill.imageset; that will be superimposed by a smaller one with a central image that will overlay it, so put those in LaunchScreen.Center.imageset. Don’t just create a static splash screen for your iPad customers, it will get crunched into the middle of the iPad and end up looking weird.

Fix up the imagesets

I always have to manually redo the imagesets that hold the icons and splash screens. Open your app’s Workspace in Xcode and in the General tab of your app, scroll to the bottom. Make sure you’re using the imagesets as your icon and launch image source. The settings should look like this:

Then, use the small arrows next to the dropdown list to navigate to the actual image sets. I always have to do some fix-up here. Drag and drop images to the proper box to complete your imageset, and delete any unassigned images at the bottom. Do this for both icon and splash image sets. It should look like this:

Note: If you have to rebuild your NativeScript app at any point, you’ll probably have to redo this process.

Complete the upload routine by Archiving and sending your app, via Xcode, to iTunesConnect. Good luck!