Having problems on a dialog.action for Ipad?


I’m using plain JavaScript, on the Android version I have an action dialog that fits well on the middle of the screen. In iOS it looks well only on phones, but on iPads it goes to the top corner and doesn’t fit in the middle.

What could be causing this and how can I fix it?


I was gonna say that maybe your XML layout has to do with it, eg, your layout (Grid, Stack, etc) somehow is affecting the dialog in a weird way. But then again, I don’t think dialogs are effected by the layout. Anyhow, just a thought.


Can you show us some code / try to reproduce same playground and share the link?


Exactly, I created a new view to see if the grid was the problem but it didn’t.


The code I use is the same for from the native script documentation.


May I know which version of NativeScript you are using as well as the iPad’s version?

Are you calling dialogs.action from a modal page?

  1. Im running tns-ios@3.4.1 and Ipad version is the Ipad Pro 12.9inch (2nd generetion) emulator.

  2. I’m not calling the dialog from a modal.


I’m unable to recreate the issue with same code. I tried with Playground as well as simulator locally.