Handling firebase auth with nativescript-dev-appium



Has anyone been able to crack the nut of how to handle firebase google auth in appium?

So when you call the firebase google login in iOS you get a popup

…so how would I handle clicking both continue and then subsequently logging in. Every app we have requires authentication so testing always is a pita, even web.

This post says use switchTo, but I don’t see that in the .d.ts


Also sidenote, how does one DEBUG the tests, is that possible? Like if I’m trying to find an element and can’t… do I have to just keep doing asserts with different find logic, run rinse repeat until I get it or can I breakpoint and find with JS on the fly


@wvegteren should be able to help you :thinking:
That’s something I want to know too. Thanks for asking @sitefinitysteve


Most of the times I use Appium Desktop (https://appium.io/downloads.html) when I’m stuck. The nice thing is that you can interact with the app under test and inspect or record (!!!) the flow you want to test. From experience I know that some pop-ups are hard to automate (ie. permissions) some are easy as they are accessible by accessibilityId.
There is always a fallback by using a tap by coordinates (TouchAction).
In did a talk at {N} Developer Day EU where I explained how to use Appium Desktop, see https://youtu.be/Ns7boY6XNC0


Awesome thank you so much!


Thank you :slight_smile: