Groceries Tutorial: Unable to perform initial deploy to device exit code 4294963248 (win7/android/beta installer)


Hi All,
The initial “tns run android” command for the groceries project is failing with:

“Unable to apply changes on device: emulator-5554. Error is: Command npm.cmd install babel-traverse@^6.4.5 --save --save-dev --save-exact --silent failed with exit code 4294963248.”

Totally new to this software so not sure where to begin. Details on my configuration:

OS: Windows7
Installer: Windows Beta installer (downloaded yesterday)
Virtual Device: Android
CLI version: 3.2.1
Node Version: 7.6.0
tns-android version: 3.2.0

Thanks in advance for any pointers!


Got a pointer on the slack channel that resolved the issue. Needed to update npm:

npm install -g npm@latest